Exotic Wood Flooring in Dallas & Fort Worth


As the name suggests, exotic wood flooring is made of lumber imported from different parts of the world. Germany, Russia, Asia and South America all have thriving wood industries that offer distinct-looking and competitively priced flooring materials. These foreign wood floors make a great alternative to traditional flooring material options found in America because of their beautiful but uncommon appearance and textures.

If you've grown tired of the usual stateside wood flooring options, exotic floors from Fine Floors by Ed White are definitely for you.

These floors add a level of warmth, character and artistry to your home that’s not always available with local flooring styles. Exotic wood flooring is highly durable and will look great for decades with proper maintenance.

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Characteristics of Exotic Woods

Exotic wood flooring has the special property of getting darker and richer as it ages and is exposed to natural light over time. Making sure that you balance light distribution in your room will guarantee a uniform look throughout your floor space.

If you have questions about exotic wood flooring, Contact Us and get assistance from our friendly staff. For a closer look at our selection of floors, you can Visit Our Showroom. Otherwise, you can use our in-home Shop At Home option for maximum convenience. Whatever your flooring needs are, Fine Floors by Ed White has you covered.

a close up shot of 3 teak wood flooring slats
a close up shot of the texture of 3 mahogany flooring slats.