Porcelain Tile in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Porcelain Tile in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Porcelain is an excellent flooring choice if you're looking for a great combination of beauty and durability in the design of your home or business. This versatile material is densely packed, making it incredibly strong and water resistant and a great choice as tile for both indoor and outdoor flooring areas. Plus its compact nature allows porcelain to be glazed and polished for a luxurious shine.

Lustrous Porcelain

Known for its lustrous appearance porcelain tile flooring is an affordable and beautiful choice for home and business owners. Also used to make tableware and as an element in building construction, porcelain is widely used around the world today and was first introduced in the late 1200s by Italian merchant and explorer, Marco Polo.

During a visit to China he saw a kind of Chinese pottery made of the material, he named porcelain after the Italian words meaning cowry shell, because he thought porcelain closely resembled the beauty and opalesecence of the seashell. 

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