Ceramic Tile in Dallas and Fort Worth

Ceramic Tile in Dallas and Fort Worth

Ceramic tile has been a popular building and design material for centuries. Now, thanks to new digital technology in the flooring industry, ceramic tile  can be made to resemble natural materials like wood or marble or can be digitally finished with three-dimensional qualities that give each tile a unique style.

Contact Fine Floors By Ed White to discover one of our most versatile flooring choices. You can speak with one or our experienced design consultants who can help you choose the right kind of ceramic tile for your design motif. We also have a variety of grout and glaze options, to offer you a truly diverse natural flooring choice for your home or business. Read on to find out more!

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Ceramic Tile Finishes

Fine Floors by Ed White offers a wide selection of ceramic tile flooring, available in a number of sizes, colors and finishes.

  1. Glazed - Ceramic tiles that are glazed have been coated with glass-forming minerals and ceramic stains. Glazes are commonly available in a matte, semi-gloss or high-gloss finish. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.Matte and textured finishes hide dirt and scratches, while high-gloss looks beautiful, it's more susceptible to scratching and can be slick to walk on.
Ceramic Tile Finishes
  1. Unglazed - Unglazed ceramic tiles are tough and dense. Unglazed tiles are more porous, so they are not as stain resistant as glazed tiles. Typically this style is installed outside; and they are popular for being slip-resistant. Sealing is required however, to combat against moisture and staining.

With ceramic tile your design choices are open to infinite possibilities. You can create the look of beautiful hardwood or polished stone flooring at fraction of the cost.

Ceramic Tile Styles

Whether you're looking to make a bold artistic statement or add a design element that is simple and chic, ceramic tile flooring from Fine Floors by Ed White has you covered. If you want big, bold tiles, a unique design, or the look of wood or marble, contact us to see our limitless selection of ceramic tile colors and styles to suit your design goals for your residential or commercial property.

  • Rustic - Do you enjoy the chiseled look of hammered stone or finished wood? The latest in ceramic tile flooring can be treated to emulate many stone and hardwood tile floor styles in both look and feel.
  • Formal - Ceramic flooring can duplicate the look of more expensive marble and travertine stone flooring. If you want to create an elegant look for a formal room, ceramic tile is a cost-effective way to achieve your ideal look.

You can also create unique and stunning looks with decorative medallion inserts and mosaics in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and more. Smaller tile (2"x2" and under) can be used with different colors to create a theme of continuity from space to space or a bold point of interest such as a lobby or focal point on a wall.

Ceramic Tile & Grout Colors

Grout is a type of cement used to fill the spaces between your tile in order to keep your tiles secure and in place. The color of your grout can significantly affect the look and feel of the ceramic tile in your home. When choosing the color of your grout, keep in mind that lighter colored grout paired with a darker tile will highlight the color of the tile and a darker grout juxtaposed with a lighter colored tile will emphasize the grout as a contrasting design element.

If you want to add comfort and style to your home with ceramic tiles, call Fine Floors by Ed White today! Or visit our showroom to get a closer look at our ceramic tile selection and to speak with our design consultants. Also, check out our Shop At Home option to schedule an in-home visit with our design consultants, who will bring samples of our most popular flooring styles and colors to you in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For all of your flooring needs in North Texas, Fine Floors by Ed White has you covered.