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Nothing creates a presence in your home quite like the regal look of natural stone flooring. For thousands of years, natural stone has been used for architecture and design. Popular for its beautiful surface and rich aesthetics, natural stone flooring from Fine Floors by Ed White is durable, elegant and valuable.

If you're considering natural stone flooring as a choice in your home or business, check out all of the natural stone types and our information about how to choose stone flooring for your home or business. Or just pick up the phone and give us a call. We are looking forward to hearing from you to discuss all of the flooring options from Fine Floors by Ed White.

Natural Stone Tile for Kitchen & Bath

With the wide variety of options to choose from Fine Floors by Ed White, our expert design consultants will help you find a natural stone tile perfect for your kitchen or bath.

We know exactly which type of flooring will stand up to repeated spills and traffic in the kitchen and which tiles will look beautiful in your bath while withstanding regular moisture.

Contact us today to discuss all of your design ideas and we will help you create the kitchen and bath of your dreams.

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Or Visit Our Showroom in North Richland Hills see all of our flooring samples, including carpets, rugs, hardwoods and tile. Our friendly design consultants are ready to meet with you  one-on-one to discuss all or your design ideas for your residential and commercial properties. We also offer a convenient Shop at Home option and will meet with you in the comfort of your own home where you can look at a selection of our flooring samples and discuss your design questions with our design consultant.

Marble Flooring In A Rosey Color With White Veining
Natural Stone Flooring Laid In A Tile Pattern With Varying Shades Of Grey
A Peach Colored Natural Stone Used On The Floor And Walls

Types of Stone

We carry many types of natural stone floorings available in a variety of natural colors and finishes. From dense and hard granite to soft and porous travertine and marble, there's a type of stone flooring that is perfect for any room in your home or business.

  • Granite - Extremely hard and durable, granite has a nice sheen and is resistant to scuffs and scratches. Tough enough to work well for high-traffic and food prep areas, granite is a popular choice for kitchens.
  • Marble - Composed of the mineral calcite, marble is a metamorphic stone that has been a popular choice for flooring throughout the ages because of its beauty and softness. Marble can be polished to a high shine and is available in a variety of colors. While pure marble is white, other popular colors vary from grey to dark green and black and have contrasting swirls of color.
  • Slate - Known for its textured, layered look, slate is a versatile flooring choice that is perfect for indoors and outdoors. Made from clay and shale, slate flooring is durable and water resistant. Available in varied colors, red slates are rich in hematite, an iron oxide; green slates contain a significant amount of chlorite; purple slates are stained by manganese oxides; and black slates contain carbon-rich organic material.
  • Where in the Home? - Location is everything. So before you decide between travertine and granite, consider where your new stone flooring will go. If you want to put flooring down in a high traffic area such as an entryway or a kitchen, consider slate or granite. Both are durable enough to hold up to foot traffic and food spills. For formal areas, marble is a popular choice for its elegance and charm. Granite is popular for countertops because it is second only to diamonds in hardness and density.
  • Stone Characteristics - Hardness and porosity are equally important. These stone characteristics should be carefully considered before selecting your stone floors. Hard stones such as marble and granite are tough enough to hold up to heavy traffic and spills. while good in many areas of the home, porous, textured stones are not as water resistant as marble and granite.
  • Limestone - Limestone is a sedimentary stone that is formed from calcite and sediment. It is available in a variety of colors.
  • Travertine - Soft and porous travertine is a member of the limestone family. With light, earthy colors, travertine can be left unfilled for a textured look, or filled and polished to create a more refined appearance in your home or business.

To find out more about our natural stone flooring options, contact us to speak with one of our friendly design consultants. We are ready to visit with you anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to discus your design objectives. We will bring samples to your door and provide a free estimate. Call us today!