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If you’re looking for kitchen flooring ideas, you've come to the right place. Contact Fine Floors By Ed White to speak with one of our friendly design consultants. We have a wide selection of flooring to meet every design objective from contemporary to classic. Our beautiful showroom has an expansive collection of flooring from gorgeous hardwoods to ceramic and stone. We carry and install flooring products from manufacturers including Mohawk, Shaw Floors and Daltile.

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The kitchen is not only one of the busiest parts of the home but also a place to relax and replenish. So it’s no surprise that the kitchen is more than a place where you cook your meals. It’s also a gathering place where friends and family meet and celebrate each day. Between all the entertaining, spills and kids and pets running through, your kitchen flooring needs to be strong and durable. Check out some of our best selections for kitchen flooring.


Laminate flooring is manufactured by putting together layers of engineered materials s in engineered wood or wood-alternative tile. The end product is affordable option that can be constructed to resemble wood or ceramic tiles, and reliable it is enough to use in busy kitchens.

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Laminate is easy to maintain and resistant to dents due to its internal “wear layer” and great for homes that have kids and pets.

It can take heavy foot traffic while staying chic for a good number of years. Once laminate shows wear, it can’t be refinished, but will likely have to be replaced after several years.

Kitchen flooring


Hardwoods never go out of style and improve the aesthetics and value of your home. Wood flooring comes in a lot of different styles, and the selection from Fine Floors By Ed White is sure to have something for even the most discerning tastes and for every budget. Wood can be finished and polished to achieve a formal look or it can be intentionally distressed to give it a chic, rustic appearance.

It’s very durable and can last decades if properly maintained. Some high-end hardwoods even look better as they age. Cleaning is a breeze as prompt wiping handles most spills.


Ceramic tile scores very good marks in just about every area in kitchen flooring: it’s durable, water-resistant, affordable and elegant. It’s easier to install than most flooring, and because they’re modular, they can be installed in nice patterns. Tiles are available with textured or polished surfaces. They allow minimal water seepage, so no worries about spills causing water damage or mold.

Ceramic Flooring

Clean up is a breeze; just wipe or mop tiles to keep them clean. Although ceramic tiles can crack when hard objects like plates fall on them, individual tiles can be replaced.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Natural stone flooring is beautiful, tough and elegant and extremely durable and easy to clean. It creates an atmosphere with a nice, upscale vibe that’s as good to look at as it is to walk on with your bare feet. Because natural stone is taken directly from nature, it has a unique look with natural markings found only in stone.

Whether you’re using marble, travertine, granite or slate, your floor will have its own unique patterns. Although stone is great in warmer climates as it naturally cool to the touch, it is friendly in all climates when layered with area rugs.
Natural stone floors are an investment, but they last for decades when maintained. 


Vinyl tiles and sheets are some of your lowest-priced options when it comes to kitchen floors. Once considered merely as a cheap alternative to other items in this list, vinyl flooring has come a long way as far as its beauty and appeal.

Modern vinyl flooring can effectively emulate the look and feel of wood, ceramic and natural stone. It’s very easy to install and easy to maintain.

Vinyl floor

Since vinyl is a synthetic, non-permanent flooring material it can fade from exposure to sunlight, and its lifespan is shorter compared to other flooring materials. Wear and tear usually shows around the five year mark.

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These flooring materials are what we highly recommended for people who are looking for reliable and great-looking flooring solutions for their kitchens. Whatever your taste, Fine Floors By Ed White is sure to have the best looking flooring to please even the most discerning property owner!

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