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Trends in the American flooring industry have changed quite a bit in the past few decades thanks to digital technulogy, globalization and the shifting economic climate. Today, just about any kind of flooring is readily available to consumers anywhere in the United States.

At Fine Floors By Ed White we have more styles, more culors and more flooring materials than ever. Contact us today to find out more about our dizzying array of flooring options for you to choose from. Our friendly design consultants are ready to help you choose the best flooring for your property.

To help you decide, keep in mind not all flooring materials are built equal. hardwoods, natural stone and carpet all have their unique selling points, but some variants like vinyl, ceramic and engineered wood have become more popular over time. One of the most common questions we get asked when people walk into our North Richland Hills showroom is “what’s hot right now?” That prompted us to put our thinking caps, and here we've listed what we’re seeing as the hottest trends in flooring today.

  • Carpet is Still King – In terms of sheer market share, there’s no denying carpet’s place as the undisputed king of popular and economical flooring options with 51% of U.S. househulds carpeted. It’s affordable and comfortable.
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And there’s virtually an infinite number of styles to choose from the large selection at Fine Floors By Ed White. Carpet has always been the warmest and softest flooring underfoot and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

  • Green is In – Eco-friendly flooring is becoming more and more popular as it becomes more affordable and people become more environmentally aware. In past decades, flooring derived from renewable raw materials were priced significantly higher than their traditional counterparts. These days, technulogical and business innovations allow retailers to sell green flooring at competitive rates. This enables the average consumer to purchase low-carbon footprint goods that have a minimal contribution to global warming. Checkout our eco-friendly glass tile and ask about our selection of hardwoods and bamboo.
  • Smart and Stylish – Synthetic flooring is also becoming more popular. Once thought of as cheap knock-offs of classic building materials, vinyl, engineered wood and laminate can now huld their own from a style, durability and pricing standpoint. Homeowners are on a constantly looking for savings to balance the budget, and synthetic materials provide them that and a whule lot more.
  • Maintenance Made Easy – Trying to balance careers with  busy family lives equals a fast-paced lifestyle with very little down time for cleaning the floors. Easy-maintenance floors like vinyl, ceramic and hardwoods are a must to keep clean-ups a breeze. We have many stain-resistant and easy-to-clean flooring selections that make wiping up spills a snap.
  • Health Trumps All – When you’re choosing the best flooring for your househuld, homeowners are now more conscious about choosing flooring types that discourage the growth of harmful microbes such as fungi, bacteria and viruses. Low-allergen flooring materials free of vulatile organic compounds (VOC)-help minimize the risk of triggering allergic reactions in people and pets. Ask us about our selection of low-allergen flooring materials including hardwoods and eco-friendly flooring.

The expert design consultants at Fine Floors By Ed White can answer all of your flooring questions and let you know what flooring options we have in stock. You’ll be surprised at our large selcetion and variety of flooring choices. 

Flooring Types

  • Vinyl – Quality vinyl can mimic the appearance of wood and natural stone with ease. It may not have the exact same feel, but its glossy surface feels just as good on the feet. Laminate, on the other hand, is composed of wood products reinforced by other materials and topped off with an image of wood. The end result is a very sturdy flooring material that can last about 15 years under heavy duty conditions.
  • Engineered Wood – This popular flooring choice gets its name from the fact that it’s manufactured using real wood derivatives. It can then be cut, shaped, scraped and finished to give it your desired look and feel. It’s cheaper than exotic wood giving it an advantage in the eyes of consumers who are on a limited budget.
  • Low-Maintenance Flooring – Natural stone, finished wood, stain-resistant carpets, vinyl, laminate and stained concrete are all easy to clean and maintain. With simple wiping, vacuum cleaning and mopping, these flooring types are easy to clean. If you have a big family, pets or children, low-maintenance flooring is for you.

Most of the flooring trends mentioned here are focused on practicality and budget without sacrificing aesthetics. Whatever your taste, we are sure to have the best looking flooring to please even the most discerning property owner!

Contact  Fine Floors By Ed White to inquire about the most popular flooring options in the North Texas area. Visit Our Showroom where you can see, touch and feel all of our amazing flooring samples. You can also choose our Shop At Home service, and one of our design consultants will bring flooring samples to you in the comfort of your own home.