Saxony Carpeting in Dallas and Fort Worth

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To add a touch of luxury to your special occasion areas of your home, Saxony carpets are exactly what you're looking for! This type of carpet from Fine Floors by Ed White is known for its style rather than for its utility, thus Saxony carpets add beauty to interior areas you want to showcase, such as formal dining areas or sitting rooms.

Saxony Carpeting in Dallas and Fort Worth

Saxony has that classic cut-pile look that most people envision when they hear the word carpet. Its fibers are even in length and stand straight ended. These properties, however, make it more susceptible to dirt and footprints. This makes it less than ideal for busy homes, hotel lobbies and other places where there’s constant foot traffic.

However, Saxony carpet is an excellent choice for rooms and halls that are reserved for special events and gatherings where you want to exude an atmosphere of refined taste.

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