Carpet Styles and Trends in Dallas and Fort Worth

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No matter what your needs or personal style, Fine Floors by Ed White has a carpet to suit your taste.

We carry the seven basic styles of carpet in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Here are some of the most popular types of carpet that we carry. 

Contact Fine Floors By Ed White to inquire about our large selection of gorgeous carpets in the North Texas area. To check out all of our flooring, Visit Our Showroom in North Richland Hills to see samples and to speak with one of our expert design consultants.


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Mobe Pearl Textured Carpet

Textured Carpet is a very popular choice for active spaces because this kind of carpet effectively hides footprints and vacuum marks. Textured carpet is one kind of durable, cut-pile carpet that Fine Floors by Ed White offers. This is one of our customer favorite's for busy areas in homes and businesses.


Saxony Carpet is the epitome of luxury. Soft, plush and velvety, this style radiates elegance, making it a good choice for formal dining rooms and living rooms. Saxony carpet is not recommended for high-traffic areas because it shows footprints and vacuum marks.

Durable Textured Carpet


Durable and tough, Frieze Carpet is another type of cut-pile carpet that is a good choice for just about any room, and is able to stand up to heavy foot traffic. Frieze has a high twist per inch (TPI) level, which creates a textured appearance.


Perfect for a bedroom or lower traffic area, Cable Carpet is both cozy and attractive. Cable carpet is not a suitable choice for high traffic areas, such as stairs or family rooms because it is easily crushed and matted by heavy foot traffic. 


The yarns in loop-pile or Loop Carpet are uncut providing a very durable flooring that is good for high-traffic areas like family rooms. Berber carpet is one kind of looped carpet that is densely woven. All looped carpets have a level construction with few crevices making it easier to vacuum up surface dirt and debris.

Cut and Loop:

Cut and Loop Carpet is a combination of cut- and-looped yarn that creates a pattern within each carpet that has a variation of textures. These distinctive patterns add a creative element of style to any room. And this carpet style is a great way to show your fashion sense - not to mention a smart choice that holds up to traffic and hides stains.

Dining Room Pattern Carpet
Bedroom Cut-Loop Carpet

Bold New Styles

Carpeting is more than just flooring for your home - it's a focal point for design and creativity. Now more than ever, bold new styles of carpet create a wealth of selections for you to choose from to make a design statement. A custom variety of textures and colors are available from Fine Floors by Ed White in a wide array of styles to suit your design needs. Call us today at 888-802-6371 to speak with one of our friendly design consultants or Visit Our Showroom in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to see our selection in person.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Construction

If being environmentally conscious is important to your family, eco-friendly carpet  from Fine Floors by Ed White is a good choice. Natural carpet fibers, such as wool, leave a smaller environmental footprint than other kinds of carpet because they are made from a renewable resource. Synthetic fiber carpets are made from recycled materials such as nylon and polyester, which minimize carpet's impact on the environment. Contact us today to find out more about our seletion of eco-friendly carpeting and other flooring options.