What Are Loop Carpets and How You Can Best Use Them

What Are Loop Carpets and How You Can Best Use Them

Loop pile carpets are rarely used in the home. While loop pile traditionally provides the best performance, these carpets have the least appeal for most homeowners, because of the low profile and reduced cushioning. Loop pile products have the capability of providing much higher performance levels that is typically expected of them.

When you're shopping for loop pile products, there are three distinct categories that you'll encounter: Level loop, textured loop, and multi-level loop.

Level Loop: These are found in commercial environments, and some carpets are offered in this style. This type consists of loops that are made at the same height. While patterns may be printed on the surface and tufted into a pile, this type offers a generally smooth, homogenous surface. There are lower-density constructions that allow the loops to be dispersed further apart to provide the illusion of texture, but this style doesn't have any distinct texture.

Textured Loop: this style offers slightly different variations in height, creating a unique texture or pattern. The fiber color variations may increase or complement the visibility of the pattern. The loops here may vary in size in order to increase the texture's visibility. The textured loops represent a large portion of residential loop pile products and can provide beautiful carpet installations.

Multilevel Loop: Very similar to the textured loop, except height variations are much more dramatic. They provide deep, easily visible patterns with or without color enhancements.

Cut and Loop Pile

As the name implies, this carpet style utilizes a combination of cut and loop pile yarns to create patterns or textures.

The Cut and Loop may offer a pile surface predominantly cut with loops forming a pattern, or loops with limited cut patterns to display a pattern. This style offers both level as well as multi-level constructions.

Multilevel Cut & Loop: This is a classic style, and was popular for many years. This consisted of predominantly cut pile yarns with loops forming a certain textured pattern. The styles were generally random colored, providing the apperance of color splotches over its entire surface. These styles offered good performance and random colorations, providing good soil-hiding abilities. While having limited appeal today, a few styles can still be found.

Level Cut and Loop Pile: This is sometimes called a tip shear. This style offers cut and loop areas of the same pile height. The cut yarns reflect the light, giving the illusion of color variation and enchances the patterned effect. While there are a number of styles that use the cut and loop and keeps them intact, there are styles that begin as multileveled or textured loops, and then these are sheared to provide the cut and loop appearance. Many of these styles provide beautifully finished products, and perform particularly better than the Multilevel Cut and Loop style.

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