Tile vs. Natural Stone Flooring Which is the Best Choice for my Kitchen?

a kitchen with tiled floors

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the place where you not only prepare delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it is also the place wherein responsibility and company work hand in hand. The act of cooking and eating brings a lot to the table; however, in order to achieve or heighten that bond, the kitchen itself has to be accommodating and be in sync with your everyday movements.

Flooring for the kitchen is important. Since the kitchen is prone to stains and puddle production, you need a floor that is easy to clean, has a firm grip under your soles, and yet projects a stylish aesthetic that fits your personality. For this space, two types of flooring usually come to mind – tile and natural stone.

You might think that choosing between these two types is easy because they are similar in nature; however, getting ahead of yourself and purchasing tile or natural stone flooring without the proper knowledge can be damaging to your wallets and future situations. So before settling on tile or natural stone, here are a few pros and cons that come with these types of flooring.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles


The most popular choice among kitchen flooring would be tile. The reason for such popularity would stem from its durability, lifespan, home resale value, and price. With its various colors, tiles can bring a different ambiance within the whole kitchen space. Tiles are also quite easy to clean, especially when grout is installed; and they are easily repaired through do-it-yourself methods.


Although tile is popular among households, it also shares some downsides. Tiles may be cheap, but installing them is not. You need to hire a professional when you are dealing with tiles because one mistake can send porcelain shards flying across the kitchen. Unlike carpets, tiles are not natural insulators. If you do not want to step on the tile’s cold surface, you may either go about the kitchen wearing house slippers or placing rugs and runners around the area. Tiles may be easier to clean, but they are also prone to attracting dirt and stains that can even penetrate the grout. If it is not well-maintained, its surface will get slippery, thus, exposing you to harm.

Natural Stone Flooring


If you decide to choose natural stone, then your flooring is in for a treat.  You can choose from a variety of stones (granite, marble, slate, limestone, etc.) thus, giving you more freedom to customize your kitchen floor; your kitchen will look and feel luxurious because of this flooring’s variety. Natural stone flooring gets its name from the way it looks when it is installed. Each installation will make your kitchen floor look natural; as if it was built to compliment your kitchen. This flooring is also durable, making it a perfect installation for high traffic areas.


Unlike tiles however, natural stone is more expensive. Also, because of its “natural” design, you will not be able to achieve the same uniformity tiles are known for. Natural stone flooring also demands to be well cleaned and maintained to avoid scratches, cracks, and a slippery when wet hazard; it is also a labor intensive installation and needs to be handled by professionals.


Both tile and natural stone flooring have something unique to deliver on your kitchen floor. If you are looking for a more practical approach, then ceramic or porcelain tiles are just for you! However, if you have a little more cash to spend and want the additional aesthetic appeal in your kitchen, then natural stone flooring is the right choice!

Either way, both flooring options still need to be well taken care of in order to maintain their durability and functionality in your kitchen.

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