The Pros and Cons of Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

a room with wall-to-wall carpeting

Carpets add a little spice to any given space. For areas in which you wish to express an elegant and sophisticated ambiance, having warm colored carpets laid out will bring out the class and sophistication. If you are going for a soft and delicate tone, then carpets that are in soft bright colors will make any room feel like a feather.

Because of the versatility and availability of carpets, it is certain that there are people who are considering installing carpets in their current home or planning to put them in their dream house blueprint. However, do not be fooled by the beautiful photos of carpets in home themed magazines or by the looks of someone’s home; because carpets also share a downside.

Before purchasing and installing carpets in your home, it is best to know the advantages and disadvantages of owning a carpet, so that you will be able to properly maintain and clean it.


There are many reasons to love wall-to-wall carpeting.


When you run your fingers against a carpet’s surface, you know that it is soft and warm to the touch. Because of its form, carpets regulate the temperature of both hot and cold air, giving you an extra hand when you want to reduce your energy costs.


Accidents can occur anywhere in the house. Falling on top of carpets is one way to cushion your fall, reducing the chances of you sustaining critical injuries. Homes with children should consider placing rugs in their rooms in case accidents should occur.

Muffles the Noise

For buildings such as apartments and condominiums, installing carpets will help reduce the noise from spilling from one room to another. In homes, these carpets work the same way between the floors. So there is very little chance that you will wake up in the middle of the night from the shuffling sounds of someone’s footsteps coming from upstairs.

Easy Maintenance

Carpets are relatively easy to clean. A little vacuuming here and there and the occasional cleaning will return the carpet back to its original shine.

Room Expansion

Unlike other floorings, carpets can make a small room look big. Because of the many colors and patterns you can choose from, it creates the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.


Its Absorbent Property

Carpet materials are sponge-like, so it is easy for spills and dirt to latch on. Carpets are also susceptible to containing moisture; making it easy for molds to manifest if the carpet is not well-maintained.

Sources for Itchiness and Allergies

Because of their ability to absorb and trap microbes, people who are sensitive and are allergic to dust, pollen, and the like, will find it more difficult to breathe in rooms that are covered with carpets.

More Cleaning means More Damages; More Damages means More Replacements

Constantly cleaning the carpet can bring out both good and bad results. It is good because you are maintaining the carpet, but it is also bad because constant cleaning, especially with chemicals, will wear out the material; forcing you to replace the rug every so often.

By knowing the advantages and disadvantages of carpets, you will be able to map out how and where to install them in your home, to maximize their potential.

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