Simple Cleaning Tips for Your Vinyl Floors

Kitchen With Vinyl Floor

Vinyl floors have been a popular choice for many homeowners because of their durability, appeal, and reliably long lifespan. Though vinyl floors have these incredible features, they must be treated like any other type of flooring if you want to get the best out of them. This means vinyl floors need to be cleaned and maintained just like any other type of floor. Luckily, unlike the other flooring options, vinyl is easy to clean with both store-bought and homemade cleaners. Here are a few simple cleaning tips you can do, to keep the attractiveness and strength of your vinyl floors.


Not only do doormats add a distinct charm to any room, but they also help retain your vinyl floor’s appearance. Whenever you walk into your home, you are bringing in dust, dirt, and chemicals that can come from asphalt from the soles of your footwear. More dust means more time is put into cleaning; chemical exposure, on the other hand, will cause the vinyl floor to yellow, making it unattractive as time goes by. By placing doormats, you decrease the chances of exposing your floors to dirt and chemicals.

Sweep Every Day

Dust, dirt, and other tiny debris are capable of scratching the floor’s surface. Sweeping your floor will help you avoid creating unnecessary damage and help you retain the floor's vibrant appearance.

Clean up Spills ASAP

Vinyl floors are defenseless against liquid stains. Be it from an orange juice spill caused by a clumsy toddler, or gravy that has been knocked off the edge of the table, if these types of stains are not cleaned immediately, they can harden on your floors. Once they have hardened, it will be very difficult to remove them from the vinyl surface.

No to Too Much Moisture

If you are thinking that letting your vinyl soak in a water based solution will make it cleaner, then you have got another thing coming. Because of the material used, vinyl floors weaken when exposed to too much water. The liquid will be able to work its way under the vinyl and damage the glue that is holding the flooring in its place.

Using the Right Cleaner

If you are planning to clean your vinyl floors, be sure not to use cleaners that have wax in their mixture; in order to preserve the shine on your floors.

Alternative and Homemade Cleaners

Some of the items that are found in your home are also capable of cleaning the surfaces of vinyl floors. Dishwashing soap, baking soda, and good ol’ WD-40 will give vinyl tiles the deep clean they’ve always needed, but if you are feeling a bit adventurous and want to make your own cleaner, the simplest solution you can make is to mix one cup of cider vinegar into a gallon of water.

Cover the Legs of Furniture

The exposed tips of the legs of your furniture can create scratch marks. Protect your floors by padding the bottom of your furniture or wrapping the tips of their legs with a thick cloth-like material.

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