Seven Reasons Why Carpet Flooring is Your Best Option

boy on carpet flooring

Make it large enough and a carpet or area rug can impact the feel and atmosphere of any room. What more if the carpet covers all of the floors? If you’re shopping around the market for new flooring, why not go for carpet flooring for your home?

Area rugs or wall to wall rugs offer a lot of benefits to any homeowner:

Carpet flooring provides sound-proofing. Compared to wood flooring, carpet flooring reduces impact and absorbs noise. Since noise is mitigated, it doesn’t reverberate as much, therefore reducing the overall noise in the house.

Carpet flooring retains heat better.  Homes found in cold climates use thick carpets to better insulate their home. Carpets have a standard R-value rating of 25 and their insulation ability effectively traps warmth in the home.

Carpet flooring slip-proofs floors. Carpets make homes extra-safe because their texture prevents slippages from happening. When a fall does happen, the softness of the floor lessens impact.

Carpet flooring promotes comfort. Since carpets are soft to stand on, they do not stress the bones and joints like some harder surfaces might. This provides comfort for everyone in the home, most especially to older people who may be suffering from osteo-arthritis.

Carpet floorings are allergen-traps. Unlike vinyl, carpets trap allergens. When dust or allergy-causing substances fall on a carpet, they get embedded on the carpet’s deeper fabrics instead where they remain trapped until the rug gets cleaned.

Carpet flooring is affordable. The price of carpet flooring is only matched by the cheapest laminate flooring. Carpet tiles fetch around one to two dollars on average.

Carpet flooring is beautiful. Nothing quite influences the mood of a room quite like carpet flooring. Homeowners have many designs and colors to choose from. The textures of carpet flooring also provide an effect not found in the harder flooring types.

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