Matching Carpet Colors with Your Room and Furniture

Purple Bedroom

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture to complete your dream living room or bedroom only to realize that it was the wrong color?

Did you buy that rustic piece of furniture on sale at a department store that you just *had* to have, only to discover that it wasn't suitable for the room? There are some individuals who believe that mixing colors is creative, and inventive. To other people, it's just a coat of paint.

How palatable the colors will look depends entirely on the room and your choice of color. You must choose: either match your furniture color with your wall color, or provide contrasting colors. It's good to experiment and play around to see which colors work best together. A surefire way to style is to not have the entire surfaces as a whole to match, but instead have parts of them match.

Unless the walls need a paint job, it's easier to choose the furniture color than the paint. Otherwise it would be completely riduculous (and a waste of time) to keep repainting the walls several times just to decide on the right furniture.


Focus on the one color that dominates the room as your color scheme, and then use the same color for either matching or contrast. Once you decide on your main color scheme, you can now go shopping for furniture or move around the furniture from other parts of the room.

Now, the colors don't have to be exact. The hues could be different, as that still ties together the entire room with one color scheme without overwhelming the viewer in a completely neon pink room, for example. Slightly different colors are also acceptable, as long as they aren't too distinguished.

Your Choice

How you preceive the colors in your room is entirely up to you. What you still need to figure out are the colors that are touted to "catch anyone's eye" and can be picked up from a nearby location in the room. For instance, it could be a bookshelf or the couch fabric that matches the wall, or a warm and cozy fireplace hearth with a matching set of dining chairs close by. This is also an important thing to remember for colors in a combination room.

Your color matching skills are not limited between walls and furniture exclusively. For a more personal touch, you can even use the floor colors to coordinate with the walls and furniture. In this way, you can see how they contribute to the overall look of the room.

All it takes is careful planning and rearranging of furniture, and soon you too can have an attractive and colorful room!

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