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How to Properly Care for Your Oriental Rug

A hand-woven oriental rug is a treasure you can leave behind to your children, provided of course, that it is properly cared for. Fortunately, caring for it is not as difficult as maintaining the Mona Lisa.

Let Fine Floors by Ed White guide you on what to do so your area rug or accent rug lasts for a lifetime.

Vacuum your rug 2 – 3 times a week. Dust and dirt can penetrate the deepest fibers of your oriental rug and degrade it from within. Vacuuming twice or thrice a week ensures that the cleanliness of the rug and the integrity of its fibers are maintained.

Rotate your rug with a spare. Foot traffic can wear your rug down fast. In order to prolong the life of the rug, you will need to invest in a spare and alternate usage between the two to divide the wear between them.

Keep your rug away from the sun. Sun exposure can damage the fabric of the carpet and cause its colors to fade away. Put your carpet in an area where it doesn’t get hit by direct sunlight. If you can’t avoid placing the rug in that area, just close the curtains and the windows of the room instead.

Check the carpet often. Since it is easy to overlook carpets and area rugs, you will need to check your oriental rug often for signs of damage. This will allow you to get ahead of any developing issues before they totally ruin your property.

Solve stains and spills ASAP. When you encounter a rug emergency, respond to the stain or spill by blotting it out with a towel or a piece of cloth. Wiping it will abrade the fibers and spread the liquid more. Dilute a gentle non-chemical cleaner with water and then dab it on the accident spot to remove the stain. Use a fan to dry out that particular area of the carpet.

No plants on the rug. Potted plants are often hotspots of moisture. The excess water may also run off away outside of the pot and the sediments can end up on the carpet’s fibers. It is better to avoid putting potted plants on the carpets altogether.

No furniture too. Never place furniture on your rug since its weight and consistent pressure will wear out that spot extraordinarily quickly.

Train pets to keep away from the rug. Animal urine can stain the rug if not handled expediently. Dog urine, for example, will stain the rug within ten minutes if not addressed immediately.

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