How Distressed Hardwood Flooring Can Make Your Home Look Lovely

Close up of hardwood tabletopThose looking at hardwood flooring options for their home or store may be surprised when a contractor offers them distressed wood. This kind of floor is one of the hottest trends in interior design today. But with a name that’s not exactly pleasing to the ear, is it a good choice?

What Is Distressed Wood?

Don’t be intimidated by the name. Distressed wood simply refers to the age-old technique of sanding the floor by hand. While it fell out of vogue due to the creation of automated sanding equipment and modern finishing techniques, it has recently started becoming popular again.

The Return of Distressed Wood

The fact that it was an age-old technique has made distressed wood popular. Many homeowners, looking to recreate a vintage look in their homes, have gotten contractors to use this technique on their brand-new wooden flooring.

Distressing is also said to add character to an otherwise ordinary wooden floor, which would just come across as plain if sanded by machine. It brings out the grooves and grains of the plank to give a rustic, country feel. This makes distressed floors perfect for homes furnished with antique pieces.

A distressed floor is also suitable for homeowners who have pets. After all, a pet leaving a scratch mark on a plain wooden floor would be very obvious; an extra scratch on a distressed floor wouldn’t be really noticed.

Handmade Uniqueness

Since this technique is done by hand, each distressed floor has an element of uniqueness. There is actually no standardized process for this technique. That’s why it is said that when two contractors are asked to distress a floor side-by-side, the final product will look different. Hence, when hiring more than one person to distress a large floor, the crew should work on alternate planks to create a consistent look.

Another alternative is to get “pre-made” distressed flooring from a supplier. That way, instead of worrying about having the time and personnel to distress wooden planks from scratch, the contractor can get straight to installation.

Hidden Advantage

Of course, it’s not just all about vanity. A distressed hardwood floor can also withstand high traffic, making it ideal for commercial spaces like restaurants or retail stores.

With all these advantages, distressed hardwood floors can definitely help in creating a rustic home or an establishment to be cherished by generations. So get one now from a reliable supplier of quality flooring: Fine Floors by Ed White. Formerly known as Dalworth Flooring, our store has provided homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area their wooden flooring for 38 years and counting. Call us for a free in-home design consultation at 888-802-6371.