Form or Functionality: Choosing the Right Rug That Suits Your Home

Beautiful Rug On The Floor 

When you decide to affix your home with a rug, you are not only adding a gorgeous and unique touch in a room, but you will also receive specific benefits only rugs can provide. Because of their design, rugs are perfect indoor insulators – meaning that whenever there is a certain temperature irregularity in the air inside your home, rugs will be able to control it; thus, creating a comfortable, temperate environment all-year round. Rugs also soften up certain spots on your floor, giving your soles a cozy experience with each step. Now, although having a rug does improve your home’s atmosphere, choosing the perfect one is another matter.

How to Choose the Perfect Rug

What is its purpose?

Before purchasing a rug, you must first know which room you are going to place it in, and what for. A rug can be used for both form and functionality, but depending on what you want to see, you may choose rugs which are more practical in use than their aesthetic design and vice versa.

Things You Need to Consider

There are three major elements you need to consider when you look for a rug.

1. Color

The rug’s color is more than just an added splash of hue on your floor. For homeowners who are more into the design aspect of the interior of their home, choosing the perfect color for a specific room will improve its ambiance and boost up its comfort levels. On the other hand, homeowners who prefer the practicality of their rugs often choose monochromatic colors, like white, because of their low maintenance aspect – making them much easier to clean.

2. Texture

From soft and fluffy, to rough and edgy, the texture of the rug is one of the most important factors one must never overlook. When it comes to functionality, homeowners look for a rug with texture and durability that can accommodate high traffic areas, handle a little bit of wear and tear, and face no problem when it comes in contact with chemically charged cleaning materials. Aesthetically, however, playing around with different rug textures, and placing them in various areas, can add a unique volume or mood in your home.

3. Size

When it comes to the size of the rug, you must follow one specific rule, and that is to choose a rug that fits your room, but not necessarily consume all the space. Rugs come in many shapes and sizes, but before you place the rug inside your home, you have to consider the primary function of the area in which it is going to placed, because its size can affect how you use the room. Smaller rugs are perfect for practical usage because they require very little maintenance and do the job without any fuss, but if you prefer to flaunt your home design skills, then choosing a bigger rug will give the room that personalized touch you’ve always wanted.

Types of Rugs

Once you have figured out what type of rug you need, it is now time to choose the right one. However, going into the store without any knowledge about the inner workings of rugs can be problematic, especially when you are looking for specific features and qualities.

Here is a list of rugs made available in the market to help you out and get you started.

Tufted: Easy to mass produce. This type of rug is usually injected into a backing material for added strength.

Needle Felted: Very durable and can last for three decades.

Knotted: Can be machine or manmade and are available in an array of colors and sizes.

Woven: This type is created on a loom, and because of this, colorful rugs are produced with intricate patterns and designs.

Hooked: Though they are less expensive than their well-known counterparts, they are charming and useful.

Flat Weaved: Its design process includes threads or long pieces of material which are woven in and out of cotton – giving it its own distinct look.

Embroidered: Rugs that are embroidered showcase intricate and realistic design, making them one of the most sought after types when it comes to home design.

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