Exploring Glass Tiles: Proper Care and Positioning in Your Home

glass tile

Glass tiles are a very popular choice for the kitchen, especially in the backsplash areas. It's pretty and simple to care for, and stands up very well to dirt and grime that usually accumulates on kitchen surfaces. To fully clean these kinds of surfacs, you can use a mild cleanser, or a solution of vinegar and water, with a soft bristle brush to scrub the tile. Don't think about using anything too abrasive, or the grout could get scratched up.

With this gentle solution, you can leave it on for ten minutes before wiping it clean. Afterwards, make sure to rinse it off with clean water. Finally, you can buff and shine it dry with a soft towel and this way you can avoid forming water spots and streaks that would otherwise bother the surface of the glass tiles.

Considerations for Glass Tile Floors

When you decide to select tiles for a glass tile floor, make sure that you get the variety that is specially designed to be used as flooring material. The glass tiling for floors needs to be extra strong, and you'll find that the care and maintenance of a glass tile floor is very similar to other types of floors, such as tile or hardwood.

Something you must never forget--and the key to keeping the glass tile as beautiful as it can possibly get--is to keep it well-swept, so that dirt and any leftover grit doesn't stay on the floor. This is important to remember because when under particularly heavy foot traffic, the grit can scratch the surface of the glass, over time marring its beauty. The proper cleaning and care of the flooring is also equally important to the grout that was used to install the floor.

It's recommended that you have larger tiles installed for your floors, so that the amount of exposed grout is reduced, and in some cases can make this kind of floor very, very easy to care for.

To maintain the beauty and perfection of your tiles, and should you need any more information on how to care for it properly, you just need to choose the right flooring service provider who can install your floor tiles with speed and high-quality work, and who can also give you the perfect advice on the proper care and how to best position your glass tiles to ensure that you will enjoy looking at it for years to come. If you're near or in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas, and desire only the most expert flooring services and tile installation, feel free to contact Fine Floors by Ed White, by dialing: 888-802-6371 for absolutely FREE, or you can leave us a message via our contact page.

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