Choosing the Right Kind of Tiles for Your Bathroom

A Blue Modern Luxury Bathroom

The bathroom is the perfect place in a home for tiles. Floor tiles, unlike wood won’t warp or rot when wet. Choosing the right kind of tiles can be a challenge. Here are some tips to choose the tile that not only completes your bathroom, but expresses your individual taste and style.

Consult with the staff

The perfect choice begins by carefully choosing your tiles, taking advice from helpful, friendly staff. If you don’t have the time to visit our showroom, choose our shop at home service and one of our design representatives will bring flooring samples to your door.

Slip-resistant Ceramics

Consider unglazed ceramic tiles, which are tough and dense. Unglazed tiles are more porous, and aren’t as stain resistant. However, these kinds of tiles are popular for being slip-resistant, making it the perfect tile for the shower area. They’re highly resistant to harboring germs, and are easy to keep clean.

Add texture and interest

Majority of bathrooms are sleek and white, but the minimalist or clinical look doesn’t appeal to everybody. Tiles are a great way to add texture into an otherwise plain room. Shiny, smooth tiles are sleek and reflect light and add interest, especially if the tiles are in one or two colors.

Minimalist, but spacious

White tiles are popular because they are fresh-looking, classic and reflect the light, giving the room an airy and spacious feel. To avoid making the room look too white, add dark or patterned towels, introducing splashes of color while retaining a clean, minimalist look. To enhance the spacious feel even further, choose the same color for the wall and floor tiles.

Be bold with colorful or patterned tiles

To add more personality to your bathroom, consider colorful or patterned tiles. Instead of run-of-the-mill plain tiles and solid colors, bold patterns and accents revitalize the space instantly. Mosaic tiles are small glass or porcelain tiles, used for creating intricate patterns that can be textured and used as flooring to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Alternatives to Wood

Wood shower floors, though elegant and warm, are challenging to maintain. Aside from being slippery, wood and moist environments invite mold. Instead, consider alternatives that can imitate real wood, achieving elegance without the hefty price tag, from vinyl to porcelain and even ceramic tiles.

Whatever tile you choose, if you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex or the surrounding North Texas area, there’s sure to be flooring to please even the most discerning homeowner. Do contact Fine Floors by Ed White at 888-802-6371.