Polishing the floor.

Cultivating a Fine Polish: Caring for Your Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the more durable flooring options around. The panels of hardwood floors can last a lifetime given the right maintenance and care. Here are some tips from Fine Floors by Ed White which will help your investment keep its beauty and maintain its durability:

Sweep or vacuum two to three times a week. Dust and dirt can degrade the quality of your hardwood flooring. Sweep the floors using brooms with exploded tips in order to avoid scratching the floor. Remove the beater bar from your vacuum to keep it from dulling the wooden surface.

Use the right kind of floor polish. Certain types of floor polishes like wax or oil based ones leave residues on the floor. Try using a polyurethane polish or anything recommended by the manufacturer in their stead.

Close the curtains or the windows. Direct sun exposure can fade the colors of the wooden floor. Just close your curtains and windows to keep out the sun’s rays and prolong the looks of your property.

Use mats in entrances and carpets in high traffic areas. Dirt and grime can wear out the polish and finish of the wooden flooring. In order to protect your wooden floors, use mats in entrances to trap outside particles that have clung to footwear. Use carpets in heavy traffic areas to keep the floors from wearing down.

Equip appliances with rubber rollers. Metal rollers can scratch your floor’s wooden surface. You can reduce the impact of rollers by using rubber rollers instead.

Clip your pets’ nails. Pets pad on the floor all day long. In order to keep them from constantly scratching the floor, trim their nails.

Control the climate in your home and keep humidity low. Humidity levels above 55% can cause moisture to seep into the wood and damage it. It will also make the wood swell and warp, disfiguring the planks by making the wood cup. On the other hand, humidity levels below 35% will dry the wood and make it splinter. Use your HVAC’s temperature control settings to monitor and check humidity levels in your home.

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